• The science and practice of mindfulness and movement.

Engaging Students in the Learning Process

Yoga Calm Wellness Training

Using simple yoga-based movement, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises, we train educators how to improve focus, learning readiness, behavior skills, physical health and emotional stability for students.

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Step-By-Step Tips for Implementation

Follow teachers’ journeys as they integrate mindfulness, movement and social-emotional learning into their work with students.

Move Mindfully Card Deck and Choice

As the number of days left remaining in the school year quickly approach the single digits, I am using every ounce of effort to stay grounded. Did I leave my water bottle somewhere? Shoot, I forgot to write the newsletter! I’m not sure if I’ll have the projects ready to present by Friday. I see […]

Spring Energy and Shaking

Every spring, I feel like the Earth begins to vibrate. Frogs and birds and singing, rain and thunder fill the sky, and kids get crazy! We seem to have lots to see and lots to do. Somewhere between excitement and apprehension, students leave the safe havens of school for the great unknown the summer and […]

Happiness Recipe and Final Relaxation

What makes you happy? Or maybe a better question, what keeps you engaged in the present moment? I posed this question to my students and had them fill out the Happiness Recipe Worksheet. After all of the self-work we have been doing this year, most were able to answer the questions fairly easily. They were […]