Transitioning Routine

Waiting in line can be difficult.

Waiting for the bathroom? Drinking fountain? Getting into the lunchroom? (Come to think of it… there is a lot of waiting) Waiting is hard. We often ask students to stand in line, and wait- quietly. However, I don’t think that many adults could accomplish such a task… I know I couldn’t. The Move Mindfully® Transitioning Routine is the perfect movement for hallway waiting.

Transitioning Routine

One student leads the routine while the others follow. After the leader has completed the sequence, they choose another student (someone who showed effort) to be leader. Since some hallway spaces require no talking at all, the leaders can lead without talking with the visuals of the posters.

forward folds in the hallway

You can even use this routine when you are outside waiting to come in the building. It is perfect for after recess! It works best when you have access to a wall, but it can be done without one as well.

Wall outside

I like this sequence because it calms (forward folds) and activates (chair) from a stationary position. I like to hold chair for a few breaths. The students love the thigh burn.

wall inside

Some teachers will play the quiet game or statue game, but in my opinion, this option is even better because not only are students quiet and engaged, but they are also moving through self regulating movements. I even noticed a student using chair , unprompted, waiting to get into the library. The big posters are perfect for hanging in the hallway by the bathroom or drinking fountain.

Find the full script for the transitioning routine here.

Have you tried the transitioning routine? What’s worked well? Leave a comment!

Be Well,

Stephanie Kennelly