Yoga Bingo

Are you looking for a fun, yoga based movement game?

Yoga Based Movement is important for nervous system regulation. Yoga Bingo is a great game to teach these movements and create buy-in from students. It is perfect for morning meeting, guest teachers or Fun Friday. There is a lot to think about when teaching yoga poses and sometimes it can be intimidating to know where to begin! Yoga Bingo is the perfect solution. yoga bingoTo begin, the student leader chooses a movement instruction card, reads the cues and models the pose. The rest of the class follows. Then, just like regular bingo, students cover the pose if it appears on their board. Continue until someone calls, “Yoga Bingo!” The winning student then reads off each pose covered on the game board, while modeling the pose as well.

yoga bingo plank pose

Looking for a moment of sanity with indoor recess? The regular routine out of whack with assemblies and field trips? Students can find it difficult to self regulate when routines are disrupted. Yoga Bingo offered a fun, game-like, approach to our Mindful Movement. Once the game started, the energy shifted and the room calmed. I looked around the room and noticed serious, focused facial expressions. If you want to win, which everyone does, you have to stay focused and know the movements to cover.

yoga bingo pulse count

I especially love that you can get students into a leadership position as the “caller”. I even chose two leaders: one to read the card and one to model the movement. This is a great option if you have a student that isn’t a strong reader or a student that might be hesitant to participate.

If you are looking for another resource to get started, Our Getting Started Kit from our Teachers Pay Teachers store sets the foundation for yoga based movement and other mindfulness practices!

I know I am keeping this effective and easy to implement game on hand! The set includes 30 bingo cards, 26 movement instruction cards and game instructions.

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Stephanie Kennelly

Adolescents and Move Mindfully®

How can we help our children navigate life’s challenges and joys?

The stereotype of who can “do yoga” is drastically changing. Yoga is for everybody and every body! From NFL players sweating it out during hot yoga to classically trained ballet dancers adding yoga into their routine, the physical benefits of yoga are universally accepted. These images help solidify the belief that this movement is accessible for all bodies and all genders! However, yoga is not just a physical practice. I believe that these movements are the starting point for emotional and social well being.

Providing a non-verbal pathway to social emotional learning can be incredibly powerful tool. Teachers are amazed how students respond during the Move Mindfully® Residency. The youth are excited to be leaders and engage with the material. However, it is not only the teachers noticing these changes. Parents are also providing overwhelmingly positive feedback and seeing these strategies transfer into the home. The below quotes are from parents of third grade boys.

Here are reasons why you should consider these practices for adolescents of all genders.

Healthy Expression of Big Emotions

“It has been great to see my son be able to calm and center himself when needed using deep breathing. It helps him find focus during times that might otherwise lead to escalation and a meltdown.”

“He’s able to walk away when he gets worked up, breathe through his emotions, and come back much clearer and with action items.”

“He has used breathing techniques and yoga poses when he feels tension to control the stressful moment.”

boys being mindful

Reduction in Anxiety 

“Every student needs anxiety management tools every now and then. I hope learning these techniques this year will give him a leg up in that regard that he can rely on for years to come.”

“My son’s anxiety levels have significantly decreased over the course of this school year. I’d say his most used tactic is breathing and getting himself centered.”

“I frequently catch my son closing his eyes and practice deep breathing skills. It’s  taught him to relax when he’s feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.”

“My son has learned the impact of his breath and how it affects both his body and mind. That the breath can control anxiety.”

“Since learning how a mindfulness practice in the classroom, he falls asleep more quickly at night.”

forward folds in class

Bringing Together Families 

“My son has taught us techniques to keep calm and to have good control over your attention during the present moment. Witnessing him slow down and use mindfulness is quite amazing to see as a parent.”

“It’s great having a partner to practice yoga with also!”

Increase in Motivation and Optimism 

“He has had his most successful year in school and enjoys going more than ever. I believe very strongly that this has to do with what he has learned!”

“Teaching kids at a young age to implement this into their life growing into adults, has so many positive benefits!”

boys in yoga studio

What results have you seen with yoga and boys? Leave a comment!

Be Well,

Stephanie Kennelly