Chair Routine

 The Move Mindfully® Chair Routine can prepare the body to experience gratitude. 

Today we are going to think about gratitude. Gratitude means giving thanks for everything we have in our lives.  Today we will move our bodies and breathe in a way that opens up ours hearts and reminds us of all the things that make us happy.

As educators we work to weave in social emotional learning to our school day. Helping students navigate big emotions, such as gratitude, can be supported with body work and movement.

To start this routine, students stay seated in the their chairs and move the spine in all six directions (back bend, forward fold, side stretches and twists). The heart opener backbend especially can help students tap into a place of gratitude. Here is a simple Chair Routine Script for leading students in the movement.

The sequence ends with hand tracing. Use our template, with and without the hand already provided. For younger students, we have them simple trace over the hand with their finger. For older students, you could have them use a pencil to trace their hand. Then, students take 5 deep breaths using Hand Tracing Breathing.

hand tracing

Writing Activity

Students then write on each finger something that they are grateful for. Younger students can even draw pictures. Then, throughout the day or week when you come back to Hand Tracing Breathing, you can remind them of the five things that they are grateful for, encouraging them to breathe that in that visualization. Hang them up in a collection for a beautiful bulletin board display.

gratitude list

Hand Tracing Breathing is a quick and easy way to bring gratitude into your daily Move Mindfully® breaks. Our green poster from the Permission to Pause Poster Set ends with hand tracing. Simply cue gratitude breath to end this simple sequence too.

Want to build your own gratitude sequence? Try using the cards from our Move Mindfully® Card Deck or download the Movement Sequence Template from our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
gratitude yoga routineWhat movement have you tried with gratitude? Leave a comment!

Be Well,

Stephanie Kennelly