Move Mindfully® Card Deck

The Move Mindfully® Card Deck

We are so excited to release our Move Mindfully® Card Deck. After spending years in schools and therapeutic settings we have developed a tool that takes adults step by step with images, scripts and tips to support integration of mindfulness and movement into social emotional learning. Think of this resource as your manual/guide, one that will not find itself dusty on a bookshelf. The card deck is so user friendly that even youth can step into the role of leader. Plus, you will love the postcard 4×6 size and the durable soft touch.

You can find this Card Deck as part of our Starter Kitwhich includes a Hoberman Sphere, Chime and Permission to Pause Poster Set.

Here is an overview of the layout.

Instruction Tips

The card deck begins with instruction tips.  Here is an example:



Move Mindfully® supports Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, examples include:

❱❱ Self Awareness with Centering Breath

❱❱ Self Management with Conductor Breath

❱❱ Responsible Decision Making with Partner Tree

❱❱ Relationship Skills with Back to Back Breathing

❱❱ Social Awareness with youth choosing cards based on group affect

Learn more about SEL at

Getting Started

We usually start our sessions by using the Glitter Ball to explain the brain. Once this foundation is set, we use the chime and pulse count to get grounded and present. These first three cards take you through this foundational process.


Next, we introduce eight different breathing strategies. These are separated by calming and releasing breaths. We know that practicing both types of breath work, and understanding the differences, can help youth access these important skills in moments of crisis.


At the heart of the deck is the Yoga Based Movement. There are 36 movements separated by Standing Movement, Seated Movement and Floor Movement. This allows for a variety of customization and choice. For example, Forward Fold can be practiced standing, seated or on the floor in Down Dog. You can choose cards based on your environment and youth needs.


An often overlooked component in mindfulness and movement is the time for rest. The integration process is not only what solidifies learning and creates new neural pathways, but also allows for digestion and healing. In the Rest section of the card deck we have provided seven cards featuring scripts for guided rest. Also, these cards showcase a variety of body positions. We know that a successful rest requires bodies to feel  safe and secure, so choice is key.

Parter Work

In  this deck we offer four cards featuring Partner Work. Once youth are comfortable moving their own bodies, creating opportunities for Partner Work can be powerful for building social connection.


Finally, we provide you with 24 routines that can be created with the cards from the deck. Create a sequence based on the following needs:

  • Focus/Test Taking
  • Anxiety
  • Big Emotions
  • Tired
  • Energizing
  • Calming
  • Releasing
  • Grounding
  • Use to Transition
  • Use to Restore
  • Use for Confidence
  • Use to Keep Bodies Safe

We absolutely love this new product for creating sustainability and fidelity for your work with youth and in your own practice. Visit our store to order yours today! Also, we have an Early Childhood version available, perfect for ages 1-6!

Check out our video of Kathy’s tour of the Move Mindfully® Card Deck!