About 1000 Petals

1000 Petals is a training and consulting company based on the science and practice of mindfulness, movement, and social/emotional learning. We collaborate with educational and therapeutic organizations to implement trauma-responsive mind body practices that create cultures of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Based on the latest research in neuroscience, our exemplary Move Mindfully® program was designed to integrate self-regulation practices into a variety settings with the belief that staff in classrooms, hospitals, detention centers, community centers and therapeutic environments need innovative approaches to see success.

When systems integrate Move Mindfully practices, adults feel confident they can create safe and effective learning environments for youth to build readiness for learning as they incorporate simple yoga-based movement, social/emotional skills and breathing techniques throughout the day. In addition, leaders have tools and strategies to promote a culture of wellbeing that maximizes organizational potential and families feel supported by and connected to the organizations serving their children.

What makes our program unique is the combination of movement with mindfulness practices which allow youth to become self-regulated and attuned to their physical, social/emotional and cognitive needs.


To inspire, train and support youth, educators, mental health professionals, therapists and families. Our purpose is to develop the physical, mental, social and emotional skills and wisdom to navigate through life’s challenges and joys in a way that fully engages heart, mind and body.


Creating healthy schools and therapeutic environments by rooting mindfulness and movement into the heart of our families and communities.