What are the Wellness Trainings?

Yoga Calm®  Wellness Trainings teach adults how to creatively integrate yoga-based movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness practices and social/emotional skill-development activities into their work with children and teens. This work is especially important to address trauma.

What training should I take first?

We require an Integrated Approach to Wellness 1 to be taken first. This is a prerequisite. After that, you can choose to add on Wellness 2 and/or Wellness 3 to your training package.

What is the focus of Wellness 1?

This introductory workshop is suitable for teachers, counselors, therapists and parents who are interested in integrating Yoga Calm into their work with children and adolescents. Through the use of hands-on learning, reflection and implementation strategies, participants learn to incorporate breathing exercises, simple yoga-based movement and social/emotional skill-development activities into their work.

What is the focus of Wellness 2?

Physical Movement and Alignment—In this training we explore how to design mindfulness and movement sequences to meet various needs: anxiety, depression, ADHD, transitions, keeping hands to self etc.

What is the focus of Wellness 3?

Social Emotional connections and games—This workshop expands and deepens knowledge of 20 physical activities to safely develop emotional and physical strength, flexibility and increased focus and awareness.

Do the courses need to be taken in order?

No. After completing Wellness 1, Wellness 2 and 3 can be completed in any order.

Do I need yoga experience to attend your trainings?

No. This training is open to all abilities and experiences.

What clock hours and available?

Clock Hours are provided at each training, up to 36 hours. Most professional organizations have been honoring these hours. Here is the syllabus to send to your licensing organization.

Can I receive Graduate Credits?

While completing the training, you can enroll in a Saint Mary’s course to receive graduate credit. For more information on Graduate Credit visit pdi.smumn.edu.

  • $150 for 1 semester credit for each course (Wellness 1-3)
  • $300 for 2 semester credits for the practicum/capstone

Why would I want to continue after Wellness 3 and become a Yoga Calm Certified Instructor?

With a Yoga Calm Certification you can lead a one hour training, teach youth in a variety of settings and are eligible to be a Move Mindfully Residency Instructor. Coursework includes the practicum and capstone.

What is the total cost for certification?

In Person Training

  • Wellness 1-3 (Bundle and Save): $620
  • Practicum: $300
  • Capstone: $245
  • License Fee: $100
  • TOTAL- $1265

Online Certification

  • Online Bundle (Wellness 1-3, Practicum and Capstone): $950
  • License Fee: $100
  • TOTAL- $1050

Are there options for discounts?

We offer discounts for groups (3+) and students. We also can be creative with work/trade options. Contact us to explore and receive your promo code.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel, please do so 30 days prior to the training. At that point you may transfer to a future training or you will be charged a cancelation fee of $25 for a one day training or $50 for a three day intensive.