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How do we take staff wellness into consideration while also preparing and planning for active shooter drills?

In the wake of shootings threatening the safety of our students during the school day, many districts have taken a proactive approach that includes active shooter drills. While the protocol looks different at each site, some districts are partnering with local law enforcement to create a rather realistic scenario for teachers to practice. This can include discharging firearms (blank rounds) within the school building to prepare staff for the expected noise.

Our Move Mindfully® team has worked with administrators, safety coordinators and law enforcement to create some simple strategies that can help to mitigate the surge of stress hormones on the nervous system during these events.

The following document is available for you to print, share and implement. Email the PDF to staff, print and hang in the staff lounge or share with administration.

Active Shooter Drills for Staff Using Move Mindfully®

active shooter drills


Also, read our blog Tips for Students During Lockdown Drills about using similar strategies with your students.

child's pose during a lockdown drill

Looking to explain the stress response in greater detail? This document on the Somatic Response offers a script perfect for teaching adults or children.

head on desk during active shooter drills

What strategies has your building implemented to address staff and student wellness during lockdown or active shooter drills? Leave a comment!

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