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Fear into Courage

How can you turn fear to courage? As we transition back to school, there are many unknowns, because this is our first time starting a school year in the midst of a global pandemic. Many of us are experiencing feelings of fear and uncertainty. Questions like, how is this all going to work? How long […]

Self Compassion

We all hear a lot about the importance of self-care. It seems like everyone is talking about self-care. So much so that we might choose to stop listening. Self-care can feel like one more thing to do, or it can feel overly-indulgent, or it can feel inaccessible. Who has the time/money/energy for self-care when we […]

Creating Connection during COVID

How can we create connections during a pandemic? As part of our Move Mindfully® curriculum, we talk a lot about how connection is the basis of all of our mind-body work – in our lives, in our educational settings and in our therapeutic environments. Connection between ourselves and others, as well as our connection between […]

Move Mindfully® Early Childhood Card Deck

Early Childhood environments allow us to use self regulation skills in a playful way. We have had tremendous success teaching mindfulness and movement strategies in the Early Childhood environments. We know that early intervention is key. Read our blog post for 4 Key Tips to success in Early Childhood Environments. To further support adults working […]

Dealing with Uncertainty

How can we deal with uncertainty? Whether we are educators, therapists or parents (or a combination of these!). there are many things still undecided about how the Fall is going to unfold. Facing this kind of uncertainty can create feelings of fear, anxiety and hopelessness at times. There are so many things over which we […]

Earth Day Routine

We know that being in nature is vital for our overall well-being. Taking time to get outside and breathe fresh air as we move our bodies can really change how we feel by decreasing stress, improving mood and increasing our feeling of connectedness to the world around us. Try these simple practices with your family […]

Family Friendly Practices

Try these simple self-compassion practices with the whole family! Having us all at home during #StayatHomeMN is the new normal for families in the foreseeable future. As our children adjust to distance learning, many parents find themselves working from home while caring for children. This can all feel like a lot to manage. I must […]

Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy is a great teacher for Toddlers/Preschoolers I have taught toddler/preschool yoga for the last ten plus years and one thing I know for sure is that the use of visuals while teaching is a key to success. When I started teaching all those years ago, many people were surprised I could teach such young […]

Early Childhood and Move Mindfully®

Can Early Childhood students participate in Mindful Movement? Absolutely. People are often surprised when I tell them that I teach breathing, mindfulness and movement to children as young as one year old on a weekly basis. Even Early Educators have a hard time imagining how these techniques translate into Pre-K environments. My experience has been […]