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Our “Why” and Explaining the Brain

“All of this yoga stuff- my students will never take it seriously.” Does this sound like a self-doubt you have faced when considering implementing Mindful Movement? As we begin the journey of teaching body work infused with social emotional learning, ensuring buy-in can seem like a daunting task. There is a fear that students won’t […]

Relaxation and New Beginnings

The day after Labor Day. For so many children and families, this Tuesday brings a flurry of new beginnings. New clothes and haircut, new routines and friends, new joys and anxieties. As September unfolds, it is important to remember the incredible amount of new information that has to be integrated. We know, from brain and […]

Back Breathing and Emotional Support

These days, it feels like we could all use some emotional support. Back breathing is the perfect partner pose to help foster empathy and compassion for others.   To introduce back breathing, it is important to first feel it on your own. Start in child’s pose, resting hands on stacked fists. Practice breathing into the […]

Yoga Bingo and Games

Are you working with students this summer and looking for a fun, movement based, activity? Or maybe you are already thinking about your first six weeks of school! Our Yoga Bingo cards offer an easy way to get everyone involved practicing yoga poses. There is a lot to think about when teaching yoga poses and […]

Yoga and Boys: 4 Ways Yoga Improves the Lives of Adolescent Boys

The stereotype of who can “do yoga” is drastically changing. I enjoyed watching pre-season NFL intro packages of Aaron Rodgers training through hot yoga sessions. I have even seen articles pop up on my newsfeed of professional bodybuilders adding yoga into the routine and seeing amazing physical results. These images help solidify the knowledge that […]

Accepting Blog Submissions

We will be posting our blog twice a month and would love to hear what you are doing in relation to mindfulness and movement with youth. ​We would love ​to have you collaborate on the 1000-Petals Blog. Please fill out the following form with your idea to share. You can fill out multiple forms if you have […]