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Online Learning Tips

It’s the first day of online school…  Now what? If you are like the thousands of teachers across the world trying to translate curriculum and instruction into an online format, and you are feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Weaving in simple breathing, movement and rest strategies can help both adults and youth […]

Mindful Walks

Mindful walks create a rhythm to start the day. It’s a Tuesday morning and the sunshine sparkles off the snow outside of Oak Ridge Elementary School of Leadership, Environmental and Health Sciences. The school starts each morning with 15 minute Mindful Walks around the school campus. Here is the structure one second grade classroom uses […]

Move Mindfully® Foundation Trainings

Register now for our June Training! Click HERE to register The complex demands of daily life have created increased pressure, overwhelm, and disconnection. As a result, youth and adults have an urgent need for more physical, mental and emotional support in order to thrive. Many organizations lack accessible tools and resources to address these growing […]

The Pause and Mindful Beginnings

The Pause is a mindful beginning that creates a sense of rhythm and safety. Dr. Stefanie Bauer PsyD, LP from Life Ripples is a mental health practitioner who believes in the power of the mind/body connection. One way she incorporates mindfulness into her sessions is with an optional mindful beginning. “I offer clients the opportunity […]

Mindful Snack

A fun and effective way to introduce mindfulness is with mindful eating. Do you have a snack time? Perhaps your students eat snack during read aloud, or simply shovel it in before recess. The Mindful Snack activity from the Yoga Calm® Curriculum is the perfect resource to create a meaningful mindful experience. At the core of mindful eating […]

Class Parties and Special Events

To the nervous system, excitement and fear feel the same. Classroom parties. Decorations, change in schedule, novel activities… what provides excitement and anticipation for some students, may be experienced as fear and anxiety for others. When you create exciting (out of the norm) classroom opportunities, it is important to be aware of reactions such as fear, […]

Co-Regulating Breath with the Hoberman Sphere

What should you do when an agitated child refuses to do any breathwork or movement? We often say, “you are the intervention”. In fact, we dedicated an entire blog post to the idea of practicing these techniques for our own self-regulation before even beginning to teach youth. But, what does that really look like in […]

Trauma Responsive Practices

Mindfulness practices meet the needs of every body. Our trauma responsive approach is rooted in choice. People sometimes ask: Is mindfulness suited for all children? What about children who have experienced trauma or have mental health needs? Here is how the dictionary defines mindfulness: Mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present […]

Mindful Movement Begins Early

Move Mindfully® Works for Washington County’s Youngest Residents This summer, over two dozen child care providers across Washington County learned ways to keep children in their daycare active and focused, from the hottest days of summer to the frigid days of winter. Last year, Living Healthy Washington County (LHWC) learned that many local child care […]

Free to Be You and Me

Free To Be You and Me Listen Now I heard this song by Marlow Thomas the other day. I haven’t heard it for 40 years. But every word came flowing through as I sang along out loud. It struck a chord deep inside me as it did when I was a kid. So, this pause invites you to step into and connect with the freedom that resides […]