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Co-Regulation and Hoberman Sphere

What should you do when an agitated child refuses to do any breathwork or movement? We often say, “you are the intervention”. In fact, we dedicated an entire blog post to the idea of practicing these techniques for our own self-regulation before even beginning to teach youth. But, what does that really look like in […]

Introducing Breathing with Hand Tracing

Have you wondered, where is the best place to start when teaching mindfulness? Breathing is the best place to begin a mindfulness practice. For children, especially in a school setting, we recommend hand tracing as an excellent option for an introductory breath. Many school settings use “Show Me 5” as an attention signal, so we […]

North Dakota Human Services

People working in family services, counseling, foster care, and education are learning mindfulness practices all week at a conference at the Ramkota Inn. School social worker Kathy Flaminio is teaching these professionals how they can overcome trauma. Flaminio used props to illustrate how to clear your mind and control your thoughts, like how the sparkles […]

Trauma Informed Mindfulness Practices

We believe mindfulness practices meet the needs of every body. Our trauma informed approach is rooted in choice. People sometimes ask: Is mindfulness suited for all children? What about children who have experienced trauma or have mental health needs? Here is how the dictionary defines mindfulness: Mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on […]

Move Mindfully Sleep Routine

When working with youth we always ask, “How many of you have problems with sleep?” It is not surprising to see almost all hands slowly rise. Sleep is such an important component to overall health and well being. Addressing these concerns should be a priority for all youth workers. Sleep is where everything happens for […]

Block Creek and Outdoor Play

Are you looking for a fun, team building activity to take outside? Block Creek is a social emotional game from the Yoga Calm Curriculum. This game is perfect for an informal setting (after-school class, club, family) or an intentional team building exercise (morning meeting, ice breakers etc.) It is an activity all ages and abilities can […]

Success in Juvenile Services Center

These practices allow youth to be more present to work on their treatment goals and avoid to behavioral problems. Dakota County Juvenile Services Center (JSC) received financial support from Dakota County’s integrated mental health and family services collaborative, the Dakota County Collaborative, for programming in the JSC that helps youth manage their emotions. Dakota County Collaborative is committed […]

Sensory Integration with Move Mindfully

Occupational Therapists are the heroes that encourage and support our youth to fully participate in actives required for daily life and learning. Although this blog post is directed towards sensory integration goals written and performed by Occupational Therapists, the information is helpful for all adults working with a wide variety of youth. Sensory integration exposes […]

Lockdown Drills and Move Mindfully

“Teachers, please secure the door to your classroom.” The classroom teacher heads over to the lightswitch as she hears the announcement. Lights off. Blinds closed. With a finger over her lips she points to the corner of the room where all the students scurry and huddle together. School safety is on everyone’s mind. From the […]