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Compliment Game

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” As the year comes to a close and I look around my classroom, I see the artifacts of academics. The Mayan Temple, the diagram of the solar system, the poster of geometric shapes. I reflect on the hours of […]

Students and Move Mindfully®

This isn’t one more thing… it is the thing. This week, our team has turned the tables and asked our youth to write testimonials. What do our students think of this work? Here are the words of third graders. Enjoy! Mangus Mindfulness is important for many things, especially school. When you’re listening to directions you […]

Mindfulness Benefits Third Graders

As teachers are reflecting back on the success of the school year, a classroom in West Saint Paul is crediting a program that is quickly expanding across the metro. At Garlough Elementary in West St. Paul, third grade teacher Stephanie Kennelly says yoga, breathing, and being mindful of one another are just a few of […]

1000 Petals®/Yoga Calm® Card Deck

“I would like my students to do yoga, but I have no idea where to start.” Does the thought of introducing yoga based movement seem overwhelming? Many teachers can feel stuck when faced with having to physically demonstrate or verbally cue yoga poses. The good news is, we have taken the guess work out of […]

Happiness Recipe Rest

What makes you happy? Or maybe a better question, what keeps you engaged in the present moment? I posed this question to my students. In a world of competing, demanding stimuli, the currency of attention goes a long way. Within the instructional framework, a calm, focused, happy state of mind is one that is also […]


Essential Oils can help to promote wellness. The sense of smell is such a powerful part of limbic system that often gets forgotten.When planning your work with children, do you ever consider sense of smell? I know I would begin by considering my materials visually and then plan for my auditory instruction. If I was […]

Belly Breathing

Belly Breathing is the foundational breath to teach children. Using the Hoberman Sphere is the best way to visually understand the components of healthy breathing. We call this deep, slow and rhythmic breathing, Belly Breathing. This format, utilizing the Hoberman Sphere, a counter and compliments is found in the Yoga Calm® Curriculum. Here is a step […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

Bringing Mindfulness and Movement Into the Classroom Winter sun filters through the windows as Stephanie Kennelly, ’06, helps her third-graders gather in a circle. Some sit on chairs, some on square mats at the center of their classroom. Today’s focus is strength. Five student leaders welcome their peers into the session with muscle tension-and-release exercises […]

Balancing Routine

Life is a balancing act. In our movements we think of balance as an even distribution of weight. However, expanding the definition to “having correct proportions”, the idea of balance transfers to many different aspects of life. Work life balance. Eating a balanced diet. A justice system of checks and balances. Balancing your finances. So, […]

Transitioning Routine

Waiting in line can be difficult. Waiting for the bathroom? Drinking fountain? Getting into the lunchroom? (Come to think of it… there is a lot of waiting) Waiting is hard. We often ask students to stand in line, and wait- quietly. However, I don’t think that many adults could accomplish such a task… I know I couldn’t. […]