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Minnesota Parent- Ever Present

Children can focus better and manage emotions — at school and at home — by practicing mindfulness. It’s 11:55 on a Tuesday morning and Jennifer Gervais sits at the front of a class of second- and third-graders at Valley Crossing Elementary School in Woodbury. “When I say focus, you say focus,” she says. “Focus!” the […]

Our “Why” and Explaining the Brain

“All of this yoga stuff- my students will never take it seriously.” Does this sound like a self-doubt you have faced when considering implementing Mindful Movement? As we begin the journey of teaching body work infused with social emotional learning, ensuring buy-in can seem like a daunting task. There is a fear that students won’t […]

Back Breathing

What is the best strategy to connect with others through breath? Back breathing from the Yoga Calm® Curriculum is the perfect partner pose to help foster empathy and compassion for others. Before introducing back breathing as a partner pose, practice individually. Start in child’s pose, resting head on stacked fists. Practice breathing into the back, feeling […]

Trust Walk

Are you thinking of fun ways to build community in your classroom? Trust Walk is a game found in the Yoga Calm® curriculum. Students begin by choosing a partner. One partner will be the leader and the other, the follower. The follower closes his eyes and presents an index finger. The leader then leads the […]

Yoga Bingo

Are you looking for a fun, yoga based movement game? Yoga Based Movement is important for nervous system regulation. Yoga Bingo is a great game to teach these movements and create buy-in from students. It is perfect for morning meeting, guest teachers or Fun Friday. There is a lot to think about when teaching yoga poses and […]

Adolescents and Move Mindfully®

How can we help our children navigate life’s challenges and joys? The stereotype of who can “do yoga” is drastically changing. Yoga is for everybody and every body! From NFL players sweating it out during hot yoga to classically trained ballet dancers adding yoga into their routine, the physical benefits of yoga are universally accepted. […]

Students Visit Regions Hospital

Third Graders visit Regions Hospital to share knowledge about Mindfulness and Movement. Mindfulness is the current buzzword when it comes to health and well-being. But what does it really mean? “Being mindful means being calm, focused and ‘present in the moment’,” says Regions Hospital health coach Brooke Campbell. “And it applies to everyone, from children […]

Teachers and Move Mindfully®

You are the intervention. “Teaching is not what it used to be,” says a 40-year veteran teacher. It’s hard to pin point exactly what the changes are or where they are coming from. However, I think most teachers can agree that things are increasingly more… stressful. Passing other staff in the hallway, an appropriate greeting now consists […]

Compliment Game

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” As the year comes to a close and I look around my classroom, I see the artifacts of academics. The Mayan Temple, the diagram of the solar system, the poster of geometric shapes. I reflect on the hours of […]