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Autumn’s Beauty. The streets are lined with a parade of color. Many times over the past few weeks I have stopped in my tracks to admire the beautiful fall colors. I find an even deeper appreciation for nature’s beauty when finding the balance, tree. This week I challenge you to get outside with your students […]

Pulse Count

Do you have students fighting the calming breaths? Sometimes, allowing yourself to be calm can be kind of scary. I have found that resistant students respond best to Pulse Count. Find the cuing language on the Pulse Count card from our Move Mindfully® Card Deck.  You’ve probably heard the old adage, “count to ten” when you […]

Woodchopper Breath

Sometimes we need calming breaths… and sometimes we need releasing breaths! Sometimes mindful movement can have the stigma of “all calm all the time”. However, our mission centers on responding to the body where it is at… and sometimes it is not calm. When there is so much built up (tension, frustration, anxiety, anger) in […]

Mountain and Line Basics

The body is the vessel for learning. “Keep your hands to yourself!” If you work with children, you have probably uttered these words. Poking, pushing, budging, kicking… We’ve all been there. Wherever you work, it is likely that students move through a communal space. In our school, we call it “line basics”. This week, mountain […]