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Funding Your Move Mindfully® Program

Funding allocation within a school budget is complicated. Usually funded items are justified by having a direct impact on academic achievement. However, we now understand trauma, mental illness and positive relationships do in fact impact academic achievement. Our school began the quest for a grant to address contributing factors of student trauma and staff secondary trauma. […]

High School Students and Move Mindfully®

How can all high school students receive mindfulness and movement strategies? A high school day is busy. Accounting for transition, attendance and directions, each content area teacher does not have much extra time. It is hard to ask one department to carve out time within an already standard packed 55 minute class period. Morning announcements the […]

Getting Started with Move Mindfully®

You want to bring Move Mindfully® to your school, but how do you start? What is more intimidating; teaching mindful strategies to a class of 35 high school students or teaching mindful strategies to a room of 110 high school staff members? Getting Started I was far more intimidated to teach mindful strategies to high […]