Balancing Routine

Life is a balancing act.

In our movements we think of balance as an even distribution of weight. However, expanding the definition to “having correct proportions”, the idea of balance transfers to many different aspects of life.

Work life balance. Eating a balanced diet. A justice system of checks and balances. Balancing your finances. So, what does it mean to be balanced?


I posed this question to my students. We discussed the many applications of the word “balanced”. Students spoke of the importance of balance between time in nature and time with technology. Time with friends and time alone. Time feeling excited and time feeling calm. Next, they created a mind map in an App called Kidspiration.

Okay, I played along too! As an educator, I am always thinking about *gulp* standardized tests. I struggle to find the balance. The balance between convincing my students that the test is extremely important AND wanting to proclaim how truly unimportant it should be. The balance between providing test prep practice runs AND continuing with the social emotional time investment.

To help achieve balance, I turn to the Move Mindfully® Focusing Routine. The visuals are a fantastic resource during testing, where students are provided a three minute, no talking, break.

Balancing movements during testing breaks

The Balancing Routine

Here is the breakdown. The middle of focusing routine works on balancing by transitioning from tree pose to eagle pose. The challenge comes from keeping the lifted foot off of the Earth through every transition.

Begin in Tree Pose.

From tree pose, lift the foot up and over into Eagle. Hug arms one under the other and squeeze in while keeping the crown of the head lifted.

For an added balance challenge, I threw in an additional balancing pose. From Eagle, bend the standing leg and extend the wrapped leg back behind to straight. Extend the arms out straight in front. Shine bright in Warrior III.

warrior III
From Warrior III, transition back to Tree.


Better yet, try our Move Mindfully® Card Deck and create your own routines and balancing series!

Balance. What does it look like in your life? In your teaching? Do you think you could use this series with your students during testing? Leave a comment!

balancing in the classroom

Be Well,

Stephanie Kennelly

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  1. Erika
    Erika says:

    I find that the balancing poses help calm my kids who have very high energy. Sometimes I will do partner tree with specific student to help calm them before we start a class.


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