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Follow teachers’ journeys as they integrate mindfulness, movement and social-emotional learning into their work with students.

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Early Childhood After Lunch Routine

The transition from lunch to learning can be difficult.
October 12, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

Dakota County SHIP Grants

Funding Available for Dakota County, MN Public Schools
September 25, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

Forward Folds

What happens when forward folds do NOT have a calming effect?
September 17, 2019/by Johanna McGough and Katie Novak

Yoga Calm® International

Mindfulness and Movement can translate into any culture.
September 16, 2019/by Leah Shuyler

Move Mindfully® Workshops

Move Mindfully Workshops: Mindfulness, Movement and Social Emotional…
September 5, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

Move Mindfully® Card Deck

The Move Mindfully® Card Deck
We are so excited to release…
August 27, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

Seated Brain Breaks

Try the BREAK strategy for independent seated breaks!
Even with…
July 9, 2019/by Jenny Wood

Donors Choose for Funding

Donors Choose can fund your professional development.
I was…
June 19, 2019/by Amanda Block

Mindfulness and Technology

It's a love/hate relationship with technology.
On the one hand,…
June 11, 2019/by Erin Walsh

Funding Your Move Mindfully® Program

Funding allocation within a school budget is complicated.
June 4, 2019/by Tanya Holub

Performance Routine

Do nerves get the best of you before a performance?
Band, choir,…
May 28, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

PeaceMaker MN

PeaceMaker MN made Move Mindfully® implementation a reality.
May 20, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

End of the Year Behaviors

The end is near. And we're losing it.
As we enter the last few…
May 13, 2019/by Kathy Flaminio

Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy is a great teacher for Toddlers/Preschoolers
I have…
May 7, 2019/by Chrissy Mignogna

School Wide Implementation of Move Mindfully®

Change is hard. School wide change is... really hard.
It's been…
April 30, 2019/by Sarah Singleton

Move Mindfully® Early Childhood Card Deck

Early Childhood environments allow us to use self regulation…
April 23, 2019/by Chrissy Mignogna

Staff Self Care Challenge

As an educator, it can be easy to forget about self care.
April 16, 2019/by Shauna Bell

High School Students and Move Mindfully®

How can all high school students receive mindfulness and movement…
April 9, 2019/by Tanya Holub

Building Brain Science

When we learn about the brain, we move out of shame.
A great…
April 2, 2019/by Jenny Wood

Changing Channels

"My students don't want to sit still."
Often times when youth…
March 22, 2019/by Chelsey Meyer

Grounding Routine

Children need to move.
Active Classrooms, The Latest Trend…
March 19, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

Using Mindful Language

Mindful Language and Movement go hand in hand.
Teaching mindfulness…
March 5, 2019/by Maia Horsager

Eye Yoga

Technology use can take a toll on our eyes. Practicing “Eye…
February 26, 2019/by Jenny Wood

From Tired to Awake

School can be tiring sometimes.
Maybe in an elementary school…
February 19, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

Snow Day Routine

When the weather limits our time outside, stir crazy energy can…
January 30, 2019/by Stephanie Kennelly

After Recess Routine

When parents mirror classroom interventions at home... magic…
January 15, 2019/by Sarah Singleton

Chair Routine

 The Move Mindfully® Chair Routine can prepare the body to…
December 18, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Volcano Breath

Breath work allows us to set an intention and align our body…
November 15, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Getting Started with Move Mindfully®

You want to bring Move Mindfully® to your school, but how do…
November 6, 2018/by Tanya Holub

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage District elementary students “Move Mindfully”

Elementary students in the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage District are…
October 21, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Safety Coordinators and Move Mindfully®

How do we take staff wellness into consideration while also preparing…
October 3, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Co-Regulating Breath with the Hoberman Sphere

What should you do when an agitated child refuses to do any breathwork…
September 25, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Move Mindfully® Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils support self care both in adults and children.
August 28, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Creating an Interactive Mindful Space

 As a mental health therapist, it is important to create an…
August 21, 2018/by Katie Mac Jurado

Hand Tracing Breathing

Have you wondered, where is the best place to start when teaching…
July 25, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

North Dakota Human Services

People working in family services, counseling, foster care, and…
July 24, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Trauma Informed and Move Mindfully®

Mindfulness practices meet the needs of every body. Our trauma…
July 18, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Sleep Routine

"How many of you have problems with sleep?"
It is not surprising…
July 10, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Block Creek

Are you looking for a fun, team building activity to take outside?
July 3, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Success in Juvenile Services Center

These practices allow youth to be more present to work on their…
June 26, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Occupational Therapists and Move Mindfully®

Occupational Therapists support our youth to fully participate…
April 3, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Child’s Pose and Lockdown Drills

“Teachers, please secure the door to your classroom.”
March 27, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Pratt Community School

A Minneapolis school is turning to Yoga Calm to help kids manage…
February 5, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Fargo, North Dakota

Yoga Calm has arrived in some Fargo classrooms
A challenge…
January 4, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Minnesota Parent- Ever Present

Children can focus better and manage emotions — at school and…
January 1, 2018/by Stephanie Kennelly

Stillwater Elementary Students Manage Stress With Yoga

Elementary students in Stillwater, MN participate in Move Mindfully…
December 19, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Our “Why” and Explaining the Brain

“All of this yoga stuff- my students will never take it seriously.”
September 11, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Back Breathing

What is the best strategy to connect with others through breath?
August 21, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Trust Walk

Are you thinking of fun ways to build community in your classroom?
August 7, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Yoga Bingo

Are you looking for a fun, yoga based movement game?
Yoga Based…
July 24, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Adolescents and Move Mindfully®

How can we help our children navigate life’s challenges and…
July 10, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Students Visit Regions Hospital

Third Graders visit Regions Hospital to share knowledge about…
June 26, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Teachers and Move Mindfully®

You are the intervention.

“Teaching is not what it used…
June 26, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Compliment Game

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how…
June 12, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Students and Move Mindfully®

This isn't one more thing... it is the thing.
This week, our…
June 5, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Mindfulness Benefits Third Graders

As teachers are reflecting back on the success of the school…
May 31, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

1000 Petals®/Yoga Calm® Card Deck

"I would like my students to do yoga, but I have no idea where…
May 22, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Happiness Recipe Rest

What makes you happy? Or maybe a better question, what keeps…
May 8, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Gratitude Breath and Glitter Jars

Gratitude changes everything.
Think about a situation where…
May 1, 2017/by Brooke Campbell


Essential Oils can help to promote wellness.
The sense of smell…
April 24, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

5 Daily Happiness Practices

If you could articulate in one sentence or even one word, what…
April 17, 2017/by Lyndsay Morris

Belly Breathing

Belly Breathing is the foundational breath to teach children.
April 10, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Head on Desk

Mindful transitions are an important component of small group…
April 3, 2017/by Julia Linehan

A Breath of Fresh Air

Bringing Mindfulness and Movement Into the Classroom
April 1, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Early Childhood and Move Mindfully®

Can Early Childhood students participate in Mindful Movement?…
March 20, 2017/by Chrissy Mignogna

Balancing Routine

Life is a balancing act.
In our movements we think of balance…
March 13, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Transitioning Routine

Waiting in line can be difficult.
Waiting for the bathroom?…
February 6, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Mindful Family Vacations

Staying mindful with your family, you can get more out of family…
January 30, 2017/by Sarah Fazendin

Back Drawing

Countless scientific studies have proven that touch helps regulate…
January 23, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly

Parents and Move Mindfully®

These strategies transcend the classroom.
I have been working…
January 16, 2017/by Jessica Smith

Warrior II

We don’t want to be stuck in the past, or too far into…
January 9, 2017/by Stephanie Kennelly


If you're going to rise, you might as well shine!
I love the…
December 26, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Mindful Snack

A fun and effective way to introduce mindfulness is with mindful…
December 19, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Centering Routine

How can we help students get ready to learn?
Are you teaching…
December 12, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Calming Routine

In a world that never seems to stop moving, we all need a place…
December 5, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly


Mindful Movement does not always need to be calm, slow and serious.
November 27, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

The Chime

Today, choose joy.
Breath work allows us to set an intention…
November 21, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Tree Circle

Strong community is the foundation for social emotional learning.
November 14, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Pinwheel Breath

What do you do when a student is stuck in a feeling of anxiety…
October 31, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

A Boy and a Bear and Leadership

"While we teach, we learn." - Seneca
This philosophy can be…
October 24, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly


Autumn's Beauty. The streets are lined with a parade of color.
October 17, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Mindful Moment Cards

“How was your weekend?”
A phrase that most of us mindlessly…
October 10, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Pulse Count

Do you have students fighting the calming breaths?
October 3, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Woodchopper Breath

Sometimes we need calming breaths... and sometimes we need releasing…
September 27, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly

Mountain and Line Basics

The body is the vessel for learning.
“Keep your hands to yourself!”…
September 12, 2016/by Stephanie Kennelly