Move Mindfully® Workshops

Move Mindfully Workshops: Mindfulness, Movement and Social Emotional Learning

From years of teaching mindfulness and movement in schools and therapeutic residencies, The 1000 Petals team developed the Move Mindfully Card Deck. This resource serves as your road map to implementing mindfulness, movement and social emotional learning. Our Move Mindfully Workshops use this resource to create fidelity and sustainability for site implementation.

Integrates into Existing Structures

Move Mindfully is not one more thing. It is the foundation, using brain science and nervous system regulation, that guides all other programs. Our hands-on tools augment existing frameworks and school curricula such as PBIS, RTI, Zones of Regulation, Conscious Discipline and Title 1. These tools also support therapeutic interventions for depression, anxiety, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

A Variety of Environments

What we love most about our work with Move Mindfully is the way that it translates to a wide variety of environments. Every environment is unique and our Move Mindfully workshops offer tailored instruction for your organization’s specific youth populations. From traditional elementary, middle and high schools to school-based mental health, after school programs, and charter schools, we customize our delivery. Recently, we have also expanded our workshops for Early Childhood Educators. Although many of the strategies are similar, we have created an Early Childhood Card Deck that features age appropriate language and images.

Flexible Training Timetable

All of our workshops are customized on site. Our introductory workshop includes eight hours of instruction. However, the content can be delivered in various amounts of time. Some find it helpful to have us come in four times over the course of the year to deliver 2 hour sessions. One of our Move Mindfully trainers will work with your leadership team to determine the best schedule for your group.

Interactive Experiences

We know that in order for youth to learn self-regulation, it is necessary for staff to model what that looks like. Therefore, we begin each segment by offering participants an adult experience. This builds the toolkit necessary for co-regulation. Then, we discuss the strategies modeled. Finally, we allow participants to use the tools to practice. Through this presentation style, we introduce breathing, movement, rest, social emotional learning and the brain science that roots these practices.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Move Mindfully®: Mindfulness, Movement and Social/Emotional Learning

This workshop enables participants to deepen their understanding of the impact of trauma and stress on both educators and  students. Using the latest in brain science research, learn practical interventions to assist youth with self-regulation, focus, de-escalation, and community connection. Through hands-on learning, reflection and discussion participants will apply breathing exercises, simple regulating-movement, rest techniques and social/emotional skill development activities into the CASEL SEL Domains: Self- Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making.

Price Includes: Move Mindfully® Card Deck, Permission to Pause Posters, Chime, and Hoberman Sphere

Move Mindfully®: Trauma Responsive Practices

Using knowledge of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and mental health diagnoses, participants will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the power of mind-body practices for stress reduction, focus, cognitive flexibility and overall well being.  This workshop explores the six domains of complex trauma and how to integrate Move Mindfully strategies into a variety of intervention frameworks. Learn the art of meeting students where they are at physically, emotionally and mentally and designing interventions to be used  individually, in small and in large groups. Experience how to use visual supports and the power of co-regulation to develop practical interventions to  assist student learning and create a safe and kind classroom community.

Move Mindfully®: Creating Your Self Compassion Toolkit

Your daily work takes its toll, often with negative impact over time on your health and well-being. Yet, relief is possible with simple “mind-body” self-compassion practices that will help you avoid stress, exhaustion, and ultimate burnout. The truth is “The more we support ourselves, the more we support others.” During this lively presentation, participants will be introduced to the Five S’s for Stress Reduction. This session will highlight the integration of physical, mental and emotional skill building tools that support both learning and health while instilling lifelong habits for well- being. Discussion of neuroscience and stress response will be explored to inform participants on the power of the brain-body connection. This workshop aims to inspire individuals in self-evaluation, and enrich our culture of care for ourselves and others and support health and happiness in our personal and professional lives.