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Are you feeling the struggle each day to keep your head above water? 

Many educators are teaching both remotely and in person, with a large number educating and caring for their own children at the same time. It’s a dance that seems unsustainable, brilliantly portrayed in this cartoon.


This year is more of a marathon than a sprint, because most likely these challenges will continue throughout the year. While we have little control over external factors, we can create habits to help us manage this school year with less stress. During our MoveMindfully® Foundation Training, we will take the time to acknowledge how many of us are feeling on the inside and lay the groundwork for success during this unprecedented year.

Create New Mental Patterns

Positive self talk can be incredibly helpful for stress management throughout the day. In our MoveMindfully Foundation training, we work to create new mental patterns by using intention setting and affirmative language. By weaving these in throughout the day, we can better manage our stress, even amongst chaos. Ultimately, when these mental exercises are used consistently throughout the day, we decrease stress. Using simple strategies like these can have an impact on our overall stress level, making it easier to get a restful night’s sleep.

Practical Strategies

It is easy to read a blog post with “tips for stress management”. The real magic comes from allowing yourself time to experience and explore suggested practices. The reality is, each strategy will resonate differently with each individual. The secret is figuring out what resonates with your own body, mind, and heart. Find what you like. Do it often. We will practice with hands on tools that make using our Breathe, Move, and Rest strategies super simple. Also, after modeling, practice, and discussion, we integrate opportunities for self reflection and journaling.

Connect with Community

While we are physically distanced, staying socially connected is now more important than ever. Within the Zoom platform, our participants will break into small groups. During this time, small group facilitators help guide conversations around implementing and creating practices to fit the individual needs of youth and adults. There will be opportunities to share our experiences with each other and move towards our individualized plan. Seeing others also doing this work can help us feel connected and remind us that we will come out of this okay. 

Not only will participants connect with others over zoom, but because participants are in the comfort of their own home, there will be opportunities to connect with family members. During the experiential portion of the training, we will encourage children, partners, and even pets to join the practice! What a great way to be a model for self-regulation strategies!

Establish Commitment

Foundation Training can be a powerful tool for teams of coworkers. After this experience, teams can agree to create digital or classroom resources that will support these strategies. Knowing that there is support in the community helps to affirm commitment, even when challenges arise. End the day with a personalized plan for self care in your workplace and homelife. 

Join us for MoveMindfully Foundation Training and give yourself the time to create inner resources. Scholarships and funding opportunities available. 

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Move Mindfully® Foundation Trainings

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The complex demands of daily life have created increased pressure, overwhelm, and disconnection. As a result, youth and adults have an urgent need for more physical, mental and emotional support in order to thrive. Many organizations lack accessible tools and resources to address these growing needs. Working at the system level is what’s needed in order to create sustainable change.

Our Foundation Training is for educators, social workers and related service providers. Learn how to integrate breathing, simple yoga-based movements, and social-emotional skill development activities into your environment. Help youth reduce stress, develop self-regulation to increase emotional stability.

When systems integrate Move Mindfully Practices:

  • Educators feel confident they can create safe, effective learning environments.
  • Students build readiness for learning as they feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the day.
  • Practitioners maximize their effectiveness with an accessible mind body toolkit.  
  • Leaders have tools and strategies to promote a culture of wellbeing that maximizes organizational potential.
  • Families feel supported by and connected to the organizations serving their children.

Here are the reasons you should join us at Move Mindfully Foundation Trainings!


Integrates into Existing Structures

Move Mindfully is not one more thing. It is the foundation, using brain science and nervous system regulation, that guides all other programs. Our hands-on tools augment existing frameworks and school curricula such as PBIS, RTI, Zones of Regulation®, Conscious Discipline®, Responsive Classroom® and Title 1. These tools also support therapeutic interventions for depression, anxiety, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

A Variety of Environments

Move Mindfully translates into a wide variety of systems. Every environment is unique and our Move Mindfully workshops offer tailored instruction for your organization’s specific youth populations. From traditional elementary, middle and high schools to school-based mental health, after school programs, and charter schools, we customize our delivery. Recently, we have also expanded our workshops for Early Childhood Educators. Although many of the strategies are similar, we have created an Early Childhood Card Deck that features age appropriate language and images.

Visual Aids

Included in the training are the Move Mindfully Card Deck and Permission to Pause Poster set. These visuals allow participants to feel supported taking these strategies into environments for sustainability and fidelity throughout a building. The visuals also promote students using these strategies independently.

Interactive Experiences

We know that in order for youth to learn self-regulation, it is necessary for staff to model what that looks like. Therefore, we begin each segment by offering participants an adult experience. This builds the toolkit necessary for co-regulation. Then, we discuss the strategies modeled. Finally, we allow participants to use the tools to practice. Through this presentation style, we introduce breathing, movement, rest, social emotional learning and the brain science that roots these practices.

Course Descriptions

Day 1 MoveMindfully®: Mindfulness, Movement & Social/Emotional Learning

This workshop enables participants to deepen their understanding of the impact of trauma and stress on both adults and youth. Using the latest in brain science research learn practical interventions to assist youth and adults with self-regulation, focus, de-escalation, and community connection.

Day 2 Move Mindfully®: Trauma Responsive Practices

Using knowledge of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and mental health diagnoses, participants will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the power of mind-body practices for stress reduction, focus, cognitive flexibility and overall well being.