Early Childhood After Lunch Routine

The transition from lunch to learning can be difficult.

For both children and adults, the transition from lunch back to learning can be difficult. Especially on days when weather does not allow for outdoor time to burn off higher energy! Our after lunch routine is the perfect movement sequence to meet high energy and get bodies ready for a quiet rest time. This routine features cards from our Move Mindfully® Early Childhood Card Deck.


First, stand tall in Mountain. Make sure that feet are planted firmly on the ground. It can be helpful to remind children to  “Stand tall and strong like a Mountain!”

Hi Sun

Have children stretch arms up high to the sky. Make this move more playful by waving arms to the sky and saying “Hi Sun!”

Down Dog

We can say “Woof! Woof!” in Down Dog as children wag their tails. This movement gives deep input into the body that helps burn off higher energy. Note, if you want a longer routine, you can have children go back to mountain and cycle through these three movements a few times.


When children are ready for final rest, have them come into Child’s. This can be held for several breaths and you can even place your hands on their backs to encourage slower breathing and offer some more grounding input.

Rest Time

Finally, offer time for quiet rest. We love putting a stuffed animal on children’s bellies so they can use their slow breathing to rock their animal to sleep.

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What have you tried as a routine for after lunch? Leave a comment!

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  1. Katie Techel
    Katie Techel says:

    Love this! Yet another great idea to put into practice. Thank you for your amazing work in helping educators work mindful movements and practices into our kids’ daily lives!


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