Free to Be You and Me

Free To Be You and Me

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I heard this song by Marlow Thomas the other day. I haven’t heard it for 40 years. But every word came flowing through as I sang along out loud. It struck a chord deep inside me as it did when I was a kid.

So, this pause invites you to step into and connect with the freedom that resides in you being you and me being me. At the end of the day what the world needs most is for each of us to be who we really are.

  • So when you’re ready find a comfortable seated position. Take your place in your space and allow yourself to be supported.
  • If you’d like, invite your eyes to soften or close and connect to your breath.
  • Take a moment to notice how your breathing. Take joy that your body knows how to do this effortlessly.
  • If you would like tak a moment to connect to your heart either by bringing your attention to your heart space or placing both hands on top of your heart. What does it mean for you to be free to be who you are?
  • What does that look like?
  • What does that feel like?
  • Now think of people close to you. What does it look like for them to be who they are?
  • Now imagine walking through the day where everyone brings their whole selves forward.  How would you walk, talk, interact with others?  How would others walk, talk, and interact with you? What does it feel like to step fully into life and be who you truly are?
  • And when you’re ready invite deeper breath in and a deeper breath out. Bring attention to your feet and wiggle your toes. Bring attention to your hands, and if you’d like release your wrists and fingers.
  • Now take your hands if you’d like and rub them together very quickly creating heat in the hands. Then gently place your warm palms over your eyes and allow the heat to rest your eyes.
  • Allow your eyes to soften and invite yourself to connect to the real you. When you’re ready slowly open your eyes and release your hands.

As you move throughout the day and find yourself dimming your light for others or not sharing who you really are, take a moment to pause and see if you can allow yourself to step fully into life,sharing the real you. Find the freedom of being you.

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