Mountain and Line Basics

The body is the vessel for learning.

“Keep your hands to yourself!” If you work with children, you have probably uttered these words. Poking, pushing, budging, kicking… We’ve all been there.

Wherever you work, it is likely that students move through a communal space. In our school, we call it “line basics”. This week, mountain helped my students find their strength in line basics.

Start by describing what it means to be “grounded”. No, this doesn’t mean you are in trouble or time out… it means that you are present in your body. That you can feel gravity holding you to the ground. You are in total control of each and every movement. You are in your strength.

I taught mountain from a  standing position. Although the “traditional” mountain pose is taught standing, this idea can be experienced sitting on the floor, chair or even walking.

teacher demonstrates mountain yoga pose

After the lesson, we lined up at the door. I went down the line and gently pressed against each shoulder. Most of the bodies waved and tilted… some nearly falling over. With many bewildered faces looking at me, I reminded them about mountain. I went down the line again, pressing as I had, but this time, the bodies were solid. This, my friends, is what it means to stand in your power. (Download our Mountain lesson plan on Teachers Pay Teachers)

What does it look like to walk in mountain pose?

Imagine a ballerina or a taekwondo black belt walking down the hallway. They have presence. They exude confidence. My favorite cue is “walk like you have a crown on your head”.

In our school, with four classes, sometimes up to eight, moving through the hallway at the same time, being grounded and having body control is crucial for student safety.

student walk down the hallway in line basics

Go ahead. Teach mountain pose. You’ll notice that it will not only greatly benefit your students, but it will also have a huge impact on YOU! You’ll stand taller, move with purpose and ultimately have more confidence in your instruction.

Download Mountain from our 1000 Petals/Yoga Calm Card Deck and start teaching right away!

Please leave a comment on your experiences!

showing mountain pose


Be Well,
Stephanie Kennelly

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