1000 Petals®/Yoga Calm® Card Deck

“I would like my students to do yoga, but I have no idea where to start.”

Does the thought of introducing yoga based movement seem overwhelming? Many teachers can feel stuck when faced with having to physically demonstrate or verbally cue yoga poses. The good news is, we have taken the guess work out of it for you. Our team has developed the Move Mindfully Card Deck® which provides images and language to support the movement. The card deck empowers students leaders while keeping the movement fresh and interesting by allowing for choice and creativity.

move mindfully card deck

Here are a few ways we have used the deck.

Whole Class

Start by spreading out all of the cards on the table. Invite a leader back to choose 3-8 cards and create a routine. Make sure to lay the following guidelines as a framework. Begin with breath, then movement, such as a balance pose followed by a forward fold, and end in a resting pose. As the teacher, you are in control of what cards are offered and setting limits on how many can be chosen. However, the student leaders still feel the benefits of creating the routine and having choice.

building a yoga routine with the card deck

Next, you can choose two different leaders to get in on the action. One can lead the movements while the other reads the back of the card. The beauty of the card deck is that the language for cueing the movements is all there for you! Working with younger students? We have seen teachers whisper the language to the leader and then the leader states it to the class.


language on the move mindfully card deck

Don’t have time for students to create a routine? Or, you want to target something specific? Also included in the deck are suggested routines for a variety of concerns such as anger, transition and anxiety. The cards are even numbered for easy identification.

Individual Students

Consolers, social workers and paraprofessionals  love the card deck as well. It lends itself to the perfect Tier 2 small group or one on one intervention.

Students can choose movements in the morning and continue to practice during body breaks.

paraprofessional using the move mindfully card deck      paraprofessional using crescent pose

Here is what a paraprofessional had to say-

One student was very nervous and having difficulty sitting still. I had him select two poses for grounding and within just a few minutes he was able to focus and start the test. Some time later he was getting anxious and said “it was too much for him”. Again we used the cards this time picking poses for anxiety. This helped him relax and he was able to finish the test completely. I can see lots of uses for these cards in my work with academically and behaviorally challenged students. As a Para I’d love to have a set to hang ’round my neck…at the ready!

Non-Verbal Transitions

Our card deck can easily serve as a non-verbal redirector. Getting fidgety in line? Flash Mountain Pose.

Here is what a teacher thought-

The card deck easily slips onto a lanyard. I loved having it around my deck for easy access. I was able to reference the poses to provide non-verbal instruction. This was useful when we were standing in the hallway or transitioning before a field trip?

Have you had students choose movements or build their own routines? Would you use the Move Mindfully Card Deck? Leave a Comment!

Be Well,
Stephanie Kennelly

12 replies
  1. Melissa Larsen
    Melissa Larsen says:

    I just purchased the deck this spring and LOVE them! I am looking forward to using with a group of kids next school year.

    • Barb Price
      Barb Price says:

      Like the idea of the easy identification for poses for anger, transition and anxiety. Also easy to take with you!

  2. Samantha Thompson
    Samantha Thompson says:

    Thanks for this great example! I love the idea of taking a picture to post on the screen for the students to reference while being able to read the back of the cards during the practice! So simple! So Brilliant!

  3. Annie
    Annie says:

    loved how you used them during capstone this weekend, and to see the kiddos in action choosing the sequence. Hopefully my future students will love them too!

  4. Trevor Undseth
    Trevor Undseth says:

    I just learned about these cards last week when I saw them in office of a school based MHP. She invites students to pick a card at the end of each visit as one easy way to incorporate into their time. I would definitely use in my work with students as well.

  5. Emma Thiets
    Emma Thiets says:

    I was so happy I got the chance to try out these cards for a day. My students really enjoyed have choice! They got to choose what they thought their body needed. After going through our routine of chosen poses my students were more relaxed, focused and calm. I found that by the end of the day my students were ASKING to complete their cards again, even after one day of practice. These are a wonderful resource!

  6. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    Another great way to easily incorporate movement. Kids love to choose random moves as well as use the suggested sequences (I love the sequences).

  7. Maria Pasquerella
    Maria Pasquerella says:

    As a reading teacher, I have noticed that students entering my room would benefit from having a quick grounding activity. This would help students transition from one environment to another. The cards would give students a sense of routine, choice, and the focus needed to give their best effort during their time with me.

  8. Christina Cronen
    Christina Cronen says:

    Awesome ideas! I love the concept of having student leaders collaborate to lead the routine. It definitely creates buy-in for the kids.


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