Move Mindfully® Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils support self care both in adults and children.

We know that the best state for learning and navigating life is to be relaxed/alert, strong/at ease, brave/open. When we are able to show up grounded and open for the day we tend to feel stable, balanced and at ease.

Move Mindfully Instructor

With that intention, we have partnered with doTERRA to create a signature Move Mindfully® Essential Oil Blend that is both grounding and energizing.

move mindfully essential oil

What’s the science?

The olfactory bulb, which operates the sense of smell, transmits information directly to the amygdala. We know that the “downstairs” brain controls the emotions we are working to regulate. Whether you are trying to reduce anxiety or increase focus, essential oils can help!

You may still be wondering, How should I use the Move Mindfully Blend?

Self Care:

We have included the roller bottle in our Teacher Gift Kit because this is such a valuable item for your self care toolkit. Try keeping the roller bottle in your desk drawer to apply throughout the day. Options for application include on wrists, over the heart or on the bottoms of the feet. Try rolling onto the palms of your hands and cupping over you nose as you inhale and exhale deeply.

Use with Children:

Use the roller bottle at home with your own children. Try rolling the oil up and down the spine or on the back of the neck before homework time to incase focus. Applied to the bottoms of feet before bedtime can also promote a sense of grounding and relaxation.

using doterra oil with children

At work, utilize essential oils in your break area. We have included Wild Orange and a spray bottle in our be station kitStudents can spray the scented water into the air or on hands for an uplifting sensation. Interested in learning more? Experiment with doTERRA Essential Oils and combine in a roller bottle to create your own signature blend.


Note: It is important to know that essential oils are 100% pure plant extract. Fragrance oils are usually synthetic products and therefore do not possess the natural healing properties of essential oils and contain chemicals and other impurities. When purchasing, especially for use around children, please make sure to do research about oil purity. Also please confirm your organization’s policy before using essential oils with children.

Have you used essential oils with children or for your own self care? What’s worked? Leave a comment!

Be Well,

Stephanie Kennelly

3 replies
  1. Sarah B
    Sarah B says:

    We defuse every day at the day treatment I work at. We use various blends, one of my favorites is Breath. It freshens the air and promotes us to have better breathing. We also use a lot of On Guard, lavender and peppermint. At times we use the oils as a sensory group especially when we are teaching mindfulness.

  2. Heidi Schuchman
    Heidi Schuchman says:

    I absolutely love that Move Mindfully has it’s own blend! I use essential oils on my own kids, use a USB diffuser in my classroom and make my own room spray for my classroom. My favorite oils to use in teaching and with kids are peppermint, wild orange and Stress Away blend.


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