The complex demands of life today have created increased levels of pressure, overwhelm, and disconnection. As a result, youth and adults have an urgent need for more physical, mental and emotional support to thrive. Organizations lack accessible tools and resources to address these growing needs. Working at the system level is what’s needed in order to create sustainable change.

Move Mindfully is a training and consulting company based on the science and practice of mindfulness, movement, and social-emotional learning. We collaborate with educational and therapeutic organizations to implement trauma responsive mind body practices that create cultures of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Move Mindfully® uses breathing, mindfulness and regulating movement including elements from the Yoga Calm® Curriculum.

When systems integrate Move Mindfully Practices:

  • Educators feel confident they can create safe, effective learning environments.
  • Students build readiness for learning as they feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the day.
  • Practitioners maximize their effectiveness with an accessible mind body toolkit.
  • Leaders have tools and strategies to promote a culture of wellbeing that maximizes organizational potential.
  • Families feel supported by and connected to the organizations serving their children.