What is Move Mindfully Residency?

Move Mindfully Residencies are a pro-active behavioral intervention. 1000 Petals LLC provides a Yoga Calm® Certified Youth Instructor to coach and co-facilitate mindfulness lesson/activities. The Instructor will help facilitate the Tier 1 interventions for all students and provide guidance with students needing more support. The Move Mindfully Residency is offered to students throughout the school day as a way to learn skills to develop self regulation, manage strong emotions and build physical and emotional strength. This residency uses yoga-based movement, breathing techniques, social/emotional skill development activities to meet children’s emotional, physical and mental health needs.

What are the benefits of the Move Mindfully Residency?

The goal is to integrate the Move Mindfully curriculum through a supportive coaching approach that will ultimately create sustainability. The Move Mindfully model has been used by many educators, parents and therapists throughout Minnesota. Supported by the latest research in neuroscience, trauma and social/emotional learning, the curriculum creates optimal learning environments that improve children’s focus, behavioral skills, physical health and emotional stability. Students will:

  • Learn simple relaxation techniques to help calm the body and manage strong emotions
  • Practice positive thinking – helping students gain confidence in their abilities
  • Learn physical exercises that increase concentration and self regulation
  • Have the opportunity to express feelings and be active – strong feelings are moved through the body in the physical exercises
  • Develop community and group support, have opportunities to lead and follow, and learn to support other student’s accomplishments

What does the Move Mindfully Residency look like?

Here are some examples of what our Instructors will infuse into your instruction.

Are there prerequisites?

It is highly recommend that before a school participates in a residency, their staff will participate in a 1-hour training session.

How does this fit into our current school improvement plan?

The Move Mindfully curriculum is already seamlessly integrated into PBIS, RTI Zones of Regulation, Responsive Classroom and Second Step.

What is the time commitment?

The typical residency is 5 weeks, however we can customize programming for schools upon request.

What is the cost and what is included?

The price is $400 per classroom (for five 30 minute sessions) plus $175 for Residency Teacher Meeting. This includes supplies, follow up and individualized coaching.

What kind of results do schools see?

Principals share the positive results they have experienced with the Move Mindfully Residency.