Join us for Online Foundation training for educators, social workers, and related service providers. During this interactive online training participants will learn how to integrate breathing, simple yoga-based movements, and social-emotional skill development activities into your environment. Large group and break out sessions will help facilitate customized learning. Help youth reduce stress, develop self-regulation to increase emotional stability.

With Move Mindfully® Practices:

  • Educators feel confident they can create safe, effective learning environments.
  • Students build readiness for learning as they feel seen, heard, and supported throughout the day.
  • Practitioners maximize their effectiveness with an accessible mind body toolkit.
  • Leaders have tools and strategies to promote a culture of wellbeing that maximizes organizational potential.
  • Families feel supported by and connected to the organizations serving their children.

Research shows yoga-based movement improves children’s social-emotional health, concentration, and self-esteem. Improvements also found in hyper-activty, impulsiveness, and ADHD rating scales.