Move Mindfully Residencies were created after hearing from teachers and therapists that live demonstrations in the classrooms were so helpful in creating sustainable practices. The program has been implemented into over 500 classrooms, reaching tens of thousands of students.

Move Mindfully Residencies are a proactive behavioral intervention to help meet the physical, emotional and mental health needs of students. The program consists of core practices and strategies to promote self-regulation, focus, attention and connection to others. The use of breathing techniques, yoga-based movement, social/emotional learning activities and guided relaxation supports students as they learn to manage emotions, transitions and reduce anxiety. This holistic approach supports learning and student achievement. Educators also benefit through the use of these integrative tools both personally and professionally.

Residency Program Structure

Each Residency classroom is matched with a Certified Yoga Calm instructor who leads a Move Mindfully lesson once a  week for five weeks, providing strategies for how to integrate these practices throughout the day.

The school chooses four to six classrooms to participate in this Residency. Schools may also choose to purchase a package that is custom designed to include classrooms, small group sessions or 1:1 work.

The primary funding for St. Paul, District 196 and Dakota Country Schools came through State Health Improvement Grants and Local Collaborative Time Study Grants.