Introduction to Mindfulness, Movement and Social/Emotional Learning

This workshop enables participants to deepen their understanding of the impact of trauma and stress on both youth and adults. During this workshop participants develop practical research-based interventions to assist youth with self-regulation, focus, de-escalation, community connection and overall well-being.  Through lecture, hands-on learning, reflection and discussion participants will learn breathing exercises, simple regulated-movement, relaxation techniques and social/emotional skill development activities to incorporate into the school/therapeutic setting.

Move Mindfully®: Trauma Responsive Practices

Using knowledge of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and mental health diagnoses, participants will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the power of mind-body practices for healing and connection.  Participants will explore the 6 Domains of complex trauma and experience regulated movement, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for regaining a sense of safety and stability in the body.  Learn how to integrate trauma responsive interventions into both school and therapeutic settings.

Move Mindfully®: Proactive Sequencing for Self-Regulation

During these session participants will learn the art of sequencing breathing techniques, mindfulness practices and regulated movement for mind-body interventions. In depth exploration of how to create practices using Move Mindfully® Sequencing for Calming, Releasing, Centering, Focus and Transition. Detailed discussion on how to tailor practices to meet the needs of youth as they are presenting in the moment. This experiential presentation will provide participants routines that can be utilized right away with youth one-on-one, in a classroom, therapeutic setting and at home. 

Move Mindfully® Meeting

Our Move Mindfully Meeting incorporates breathing, mindfulness and movement into your routine. Engage students with mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, social/emotional skill building activities, regulating movement and relaxation strategies. Get your mind, body and heart ready to learn.

These activities can be used to accompany your morning meetings, an afternoon meeting or a closing circle at the end of the day!