Our online services support the integration of mindfulness, movement and social/emotional learning practices. Move Mindfully® online services are delivered via Zoom, a video conferencing platform.

“My school has been utilizing Move Mindfully materials and strategies for several years now. As we all adjust to educating students remotely in the time of COVID-19, we are brainstorming ways in which we can continue to incorporate breathing, mindful movement, and social/emotional learning into everyday activities. Teachers are sending out daily social/emotional learning activities to their students and we are also planning to utilize the breathing ball, chime, and Move Mindfully Card Deck in announcements to all students. As staff, we are taking time to pause and have compassion for ourselves during this challenging, unprecedented time. Connecting with one another and intentionally setting aside time to rest have helped us all to stay positive.”

EmilySocial Worker, St. Paul Middle School


Using knowledge of trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and mental health, participants will experience and explore the power of mind-body interventions for self-regulation, stress reduction, community connection, cognitive flexibility, and overall well-being.

Through hands-on learning, reflection, and discussion participants practice simple breathing exercises, regulating movement, and social/emotional skill development activities to integrate throughout the day with youth and adults. Workshops can be customized to meet mental health licensing and suicide prevention requirements.


Ongoing consultations and demonstrations with staff will be provided to support trauma-responsive interventions and address specific issues and concerns as needed. Resources will be provided including but not limited to emails, articles, videos and practice guides.


The Move Mindfully Residency Program uses breathing techniques, yoga-based movement, social/emotional learning activities and guided rest exercises. Students and educators learn to manage emotions, transitions and reduce anxiety. Each residency site will have a Move Mindfully instructor provided to each classroom via the Zoom platform. Residencies are typically once per week for five weeks (minimum four classrooms with 25 minute sessions).

Materials include: Move Mindfully Kit (Sphere, Chime, Move Mindfully Card Deck, Permission to Pause Posters and Manual).

Self-Compassion Session

A Move Mindfully instructor leads staff/adults through self-compassion practices that can be used throughout the day for stress reduction. Learn breath-work, yoga-based movement and rest techniques to improve sleep, decrease anxiety, increase sense of overall well-being and strengthen community connection.

Family Night

A one-hour customized session incorporating mindfulness, movement and rest activities for the whole family that can be integrated throughout the day.

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