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PeaceMaker MN made Move Mindfully® implementation a reality.

Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science in Eagan, MN has long been a champion for social emotional learning. Spearheaded by a social worker passionate about the Move Mindfully® framework, a variety of funding sources were utilized. District grants, Give to the Max Day and PTO donations were just a few of the ways Glacier Hills got the ball rolling with anti-bullying initiatives. However, the full vision was made a reality with the matching funds program provided by PeaceMaker Minnesota.

Move Mindfully® Implementation

Glacier Hills decided to focus its social emotional learning objectives around the self-regulation, mindfulness, and movement strategies proposed by 1000 Petals. The funds were used over the past two years for staff development, residences and products.

The continued support of PeaceMarker Minnesota has helped provide sustainability by allowing a multi-year roll out of the programming. Alyssa Bartosh, Assistant administrator/Magnet Coordinator, says, “Over the course of our implementation we have been able to differentiate the offerings to meet the needs of our adult learners. This includes offering opportunities to extend and deepen the learning they bring forward to their students.”

Glacier Hills staff have reported noticing shifts in climate. An increase in self-regulation strategies has helped to create peaceful transitions and deepen community connections. The staff themselves are also utilizing the Move Mindfully strategies for their own self care throughout the day.

Connecting with PeaceMaker

PeaceMaker MN has humble beginnings. This organization started  with five households and just over $8,000. These friends had a vision of supporting schools committed to teaching social emotional skills. Now, over ten years later, the organization has grown to support over 30 partner schools and it looking to support more!

How can I get PeaceMaker MN to support my school?

Becoming a PeaceMarker parter school is a simple process. Partner schools are required to report on three school climate indicators.  Most schools in the network use data from the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire (OBQ) for their indicators.  PeaceMaker Minnesota pays for the OBQ. Also, partner schools must pay a $100 membership fee or find a donor to contribute $100 to a PeaceMaker endowment fund to help sustain future assistance to schools. Learn more about becoming a parter school.

Once selected, your school will be eligible for $500 annually to fund your PBIS team and the amazing matching funds program. Your school can use the funding to pay for curriculum, help at-risk students, train teachers, bring in speakers or specialists to work with your students, to hire additional recess help or pay for other staffing.

PeaceMaker believes in Mindfulness and Movement as a core component to social emotional learning and anti-bullying initiatives. 1000 Petals is proud to support PeaceMaker MN in their mission.

To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth  learn positive relation skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

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