Snow Day Routine

When the weather limits our time outside, stir crazy energy can make children, and parents, feel restless.

Are you stuck inside due to inclement weather? How are you meeting your children’s energy? It is wise to be proactive and encourage gross motor movement throughout the day to break up screen time and sedentary activities.Indoor Energy

However, what happens once you have checked off YouTube dance videos, obstacle courses and forts from your list? What happens when parents need a break and the kids need to transition into a rest/quiet time?

Go Noodle

Our Move Mindfully® Snow Day Routine offers the perfect compliment to high intensity indoor activities. The Snow Day Routine incorporates both energizing and calming movements to bring higher energy back into balance. Topped off with a scripted relaxation, this sequence is sure to ease everyone into rest time.

Snow Day Routine

Featuring the Move Mindfully® Card Deck


  • Find a tall, strong, snow covered Mountain.

Mountain Pose

Upward Mountain

  • Reach up high to the sky in Upward Mountain.

Upward Mountain

Forward Fold

  • Fold Forward slowly like Snowflakes gently falling to the ground.

Forward Fold

(Repeat first three movements 3x)

Down Dog

  • Press your hands and feet into the ground in Down Dog – stretch your body! Imagine making footprints and handprints in the snow.

Down Dog


  • Move into Child’s Pose, but today we are a Polar Bear cuddled in the snow – cover your nose with your Polar Bear paws to feel the warmth of your breath in your hands.

Child's Pose

Final Relaxation

  • Stay here for a few breaths or come to your back and imagine making Snow Angels by sweeping your arms up and down by your sides until you stay so still you can imagine hearing the snowflakes fall – can you catch a snowflake on your tongue?

final relaxation

This routine was created using the Move Mindfully® Card Deck available at our store. Download and print the Snow Day Routine.

Comment below and let us know how it worked!

Be Well,

Stephanie Kennelly

4 replies
  1. Amy Wilma
    Amy Wilma says:

    I definitely plan on doing this with my 3.5 year old this afternoon! He was literally running laps around the kitchen last night….

  2. Heidi K Schuchman
    Heidi K Schuchman says:

    Love it! I have used this routine in my kids’ yoga class and they LOVE it, especially because it’s simple and easy for the little ones. Sharing this on Facebook!

  3. Danette Jones
    Danette Jones says:

    This routine would also be good for indoor recess day due to cold. I am passing this on to our elementary school staff.


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