Yoga Bingo

Are you looking for a fun, yoga based movement game?

Yoga Based Movement is important for nervous system regulation. Yoga Bingo is a great game to teach these movements and create buy-in from students. It is perfect for morning meeting, guest teachers or Fun Friday. There is a lot to think about when teaching yoga poses and sometimes it can be intimidating to know where to begin! Yoga Bingo is the perfect solution. yoga bingoTo begin, the student leader chooses a movement instruction card, reads the cues and models the pose. The rest of the class follows. Then, just like regular bingo, students cover the pose if it appears on their board. Continue until someone calls, “Yoga Bingo!” The winning student then reads off each pose covered on the game board, while modeling the pose as well.

yoga bingo plank pose

Looking for a moment of sanity with indoor recess? The regular routine out of whack with assemblies and field trips? Students can find it difficult to self regulate when routines are disrupted. Yoga Bingo offered a fun, game-like, approach to our Mindful Movement. Once the game started, the energy shifted and the room calmed. I looked around the room and noticed serious, focused facial expressions. If you want to win, which everyone does, you have to stay focused and know the movements to cover.

yoga bingo pulse count

I especially love that you can get students into a leadership position as the “caller”. I even chose two leaders: one to read the card and one to model the movement. This is a great option if you have a student that isn’t a strong reader or a student that might be hesitant to participate.

If you are looking for another resource to get started, Our Getting Started Kit from our Teachers Pay Teachers store sets the foundation for yoga based movement and other mindfulness practices!

I know I am keeping this effective and easy to implement game on hand! The set includes 30 bingo cards, 26 movement instruction cards and game instructions.

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Stephanie Kennelly

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    • Stephanie Kennelly
      Stephanie Kennelly says:

      It is great to leave with a para or guest teacher as well. Once the students know how to play, it actually involves very little adult involvement.

  1. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    I think my students (9th graders) would even dig this for a movement break. Or have them pair with younger students to support and model!

    • Stephanie Kennelly
      Stephanie Kennelly says:

      Absolutely! You can always modify for a shorter version and have students play with a parter and have the “goal” be to cover 2-3 poses.

  2. Peggy Van Wyk
    Peggy Van Wyk says:

    This is a great idea — perfect for the K-8 students I work with in school settings. I can imagine adults would love it too!!

  3. Karen Bendtsen
    Karen Bendtsen says:

    I love this idea for “guest teachers”. I have had many who are very frightened when seeing yoga on the schedule. This could easily be student led!

  4. Julie Gronos
    Julie Gronos says:

    I love yoga bingo. I used it in our after school program and the students thought it was so much fun. The students wanted to play again and again. It was a fun change from regular bingo. Definitely a must to add to your yoga program.


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