Learn how to integrate Yoga Calm into your work to support and enhance existing standards and participant outcomes. The hands-on tools augment existing school curricula and classroom intervention programs such as PBIS, RTI and Title I. Yoga Calm Tools also support therapeutic interventions for depression anxiety, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Workshop Structures

Introductory Workshop

  • Pre-consultation session to co-design workshop
  • On-site specific training utilizing the scientific practices of mindfulness and movement
  • Hands-on tools for de-escalation, focus and lifelong wellness habits
  • Alignment to existing standards and participant outcomes

Half-Day Workshop

  • All features of Yoga Calm Introductory Workshop
  • Exploration of Yoga Calm Tools and Principles
  • Application of current brain-based research
  • Integration of Yoga Calm Tools that address specific student/ client needs
  • Includes Yoga Calm Resource Kit (Yoga Calm for Children book, Hoberman Sphere, Zynergy Chime, Yoga Calm Poster Set)

Full-Day Workshop

  • All features of Yoga Calm Half-Day Workshop
  • Lecture, experiential learning and strategies for implementation of Yoga Calm Tools and Principles
  • In-depth practice of breathing techniques, yoga-based movement and social/ emotional activities
  • Development of Integrative Lesson Plans for immediate use with students/clients

Sample Customized Workshop Topics

The following is a list of workshop options, including the option to co-design workshops for specific school or agency needs:

  • Brain-Based Learning and Strategies for Self-Regulation
  • Classroom Management: Integration of Mind-Body Techniques
  • Creating an Engaged Group of Learners
  • Self-Regulation for the Professional and Client
  • Trauma Informed Mind-Body Interventions
  • Yoga Calm and ADHD: Tools for Attention and Self-Esteem
  • Yoga Calm and Depression: Strategies for Connection and Engagement
  • Yoga Calm and Parenting: Creating a Calm and Peaceful Home
  • Wellness at Work: Movement, Focus and Collaboration

In the last eight years over 20,000 educators and related service providers have been trained in Yoga Calm techniques benefiting an estimated 82,000 children per day. View the complete list of currently participating schools.


What are the options for custom workshops?

You can choose a half day, 2-4 hour, workshop or a full day, 6-8 hour, workshop.

What is included in a private training?

The private training includes a pre and post-consultation as well as a tailored approach to integrating mindful movement into existing school and therapeutic systems. For trainings over 4 hours we include products and training manual.

How much is it for onsite training?

The half-day trainings are $395/hr. The full day workshops are per person. See Pricing Sheet

For further questions, contact kathy@1000-petals.com.

Schedule a Workshop

Contact Kathy Flaminio to begin designing your customized workshop:

Customized Workshops